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Steven Gray (Instructor)

Steven Gray's fascination with movement began at the age of five in Colorado with Ursula Gray, who had studied Expressionist Dance in Germany with Mary Wigman. He continued his studies of Modern Dance with Hanya Holm, Harriet Ann Gray, Jennifer Mueller, Louis Falco, and at the Alwin Nikolias Dance Theater Lab. Additionally, he explored Ballet with David Howard and Jazz Dance with Luigi. Steven was a company member of the Nikolias Dance Theater; Danse Theatre Susan Buirge, Paris; Beverly Brown Dancensemble; Rudy Perez Dance Theater; and others.

Steven comes to Gyrotonic after knee surgery in 1999. He has found that Gyrotonic has reclaimed his range of motion and strengthened the involved knee. Additionally Gyrotonic has developed the overall strength, flexibility and tone of the body which creates a resistance to injury. Steven is currently studying with Master Teacher Tony Morales and is very pleased to be a part of the Circular Power team.


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