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Karina Lesko (Instructor)

Raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, began her dance career with the Youth Ballet of Costa Rica. She then continued her studies with the National Conservatory of Prague, the National Ballet School of Cuba, and the Superior Art Institute of the Colon Theatre of Buenos Aires. She completed her BFA in ballet at the University of Utah, where she toured as a member of the Character Dance Ensemble and appeared as a guest artist for the City Ballet of Lima, Peru. Karina worked for Tokyo Disneyland, Japan before moving to France to work under the instruction of Jennifer Goube of the Paris Opera Ballet. After going through surgery because of a knee injury, Karina began exploring Gyrotonic. She studied with Master Trainer Regula Gadient of White Cloud Paris, and is now a Certified Instructor. After two years in Paris, she then moved to New York City where she is performing regularly with various choreographers and is a member of Naganuma Dance. Karina is now studying with Master Teacher Tony Morales and is part of the Circular Power Inc team.


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