What we do

Circular Power Inc® is one of the most elegant Gyrotonic® studios in NYC offering exclusive personal, private, one on one training.

Who we are

Tony Morales and his team of Gyrotonic® teachers provide the highest quality training in an elegant setting.

What people say about us

“Since doing Gyrotonic at Circular Power I have seen large improvements specifically in the flexibility, length as well as strength of my body. “

-Devon Teuscher / Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theater

We Deliver Results

Ask any of our clients and they will tell you GYROTONIC® at Circular Power really works.

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Circular Power® Featuring The Gyrotonic Expansion System®

Circular Power has proven to be one of NYC’s top GYROTONIC® Training facilities


A specially conceived system, created by Juliu Horvath, using key principles of Gymnastics, Swimming, Dance and Yoga allowing the body to work in an integrated manner.

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About the Equipment

All the machines used for GYROTONIC® are handcrafted to fit your body perfectly. They are designed to stretch and strengthen at the same time.

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Tony Morales and his highly skilled team bring you an environment where you can bring balance back to your body.

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