The new way to stretch and strengthen.

Why Circular Power®

Circular Power Inc® (established 2001) is one of the only studios in NYC that offers Exclusive Training in a Private Setting. ALL sessions are taught one on one by Master Teacher Tony Morales or by a Certified Instructor mentored by Mr. Morales in the art of teaching The Gyrotonic Expansion System®.

At Circular Power® our approach remains to listen and guide clients making sure each program is specially designed for their wants and needs. Our Ultimate goal is to create an environment where clients can embody their work and use the training to help them in every aspect of their lives. Over 2 decades of teaching has shown that clients who train consistently feel more confident, energized and a new sense of freedom in their movement. 

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan between 54th and 55th st and 7th Ave., we are easily reached from all over the city. Come and experience a private session with seasoned professionals who have many years of proven success using The Gyrotonic Expansion System® to not only strengthen and lengthen bodies but also guide clients toward embodiment.


A specially conceived system, created by Juliu Horvath, using key principles of Gymnastics, Swimming, Dance and Yoga allowing the body to work in an integrated manner. It is served by equipment designed to enhance coordination, strength and flexibility that will allow total freedom of movement.

The exercises are performed through spherical awareness and Circularity of movement enabling the user to perform under variable controlled resistance and real sports simulation with no limitation to speed and impact. 

Special attention is paid to increase the functionality of the spine, resulting in a superior and well-proportioned body that is less prone to injury. After Use under proper guidance, this system will give you increased vitality and vigor, making you feel totally rejuvenated preparing you for everyday life.

The Machines

All our machines were hand-built to fit the body perfectly to provide supported motion for safe exercise.

Pulley Tower System
Pulley Tower System

The Tower

If you only had one machine, this would be it. A swiss-army knife of exercise machines.

The Gyrotoner®
The Gyrotoner®


This is the most natural way to stretch and strengthen your upper body.

The Jumping/ Stretching/ Sliding Board
The Jumping/ Stretching/ Sliding Board

Horizontal jumping

Another brilliant machine with so many types of exercises.

The Ladder
The Ladder

The Monkey Bars

The ladder is especially good for building core strength.