Expertise, training, and experience.

Tony Morales

(Owner, Director, Master Teacher and Choreographer)

Tony Morales (Owner and Master Teacher) – Mr Morales started his Gyrotonic Training as a professional dancer at the Original White Cloud Studio In NYC in 1990.

After training for 3 years he was inspired to learn how to teach and was fortunate to be able to learn from Juliu Horvath as he was just starting to make Instructors in his newly created system. After almost 9 years of successful teaching At The Original Studio Riverside NYC Mr Morales was granted Master Teacher status by Mr Horvath in 2001.

Shortly afterward Mr. Morales opened Circular Power and has been teaching in his own studio ever since. Mr Morales is known for his unique teaching style as well as his very diverse clientelle. Clients include Principle and Soloist Dancers from American Ballet Theater, Athletes, Dance Teachers, Dancers, Lawyers, Money Managers, Busness Owners, Seniors, Teens, men, women and people from all walks of life.

Mr. Morales is also a Critically Acclaimed Choreographer, A teacher of Traditional Modern Dance and a Certified Hospitality Management Professional.